Some nonsense..


If you fall, I will be there – Floor

And if you rise, I won’t be there – Sleep

And if you fly, I will be there – Sky

And if you cry, I won’t be there – Smile

And if you sleep, I will be there – Dream

And know, even if you stay awake, I will not not be there – Dream

And if you break, I won’t be there – Who you were before

If you fear, I will be there – Courage, always know,

But if you doubt, I won’t be there – Faith, forget me not.

And if you try to go slower or  faster, I will be there – Time

And if you give your light, I will be there – Shadow, behind you or by your side

But if you give up, I won’t be there – Dream Come true,

so please dare….

follow this nonsense, whoever wants to add a line or two,

join the madness, please do,

I will be there 🙂




Fear to Love : Cheater to Teacher

One of the things I do – many might call it nonsense – is I take one word, which I don’t like, and I change it. I rearrange the letters and I find one that sounds good to me.. Cheater is a no no for me.. ergo Teacher is created..

Life is a long pilgrimage from Fear to Love

I think Paulo Coelho’s above quote is summing up brilliantly what is Life..

How many fears do we love? And how many of them stay with us for so long in our lives, that in the end, they are cheating us of all the joy and the love and the life we could have?

How many times have we been afraid or felt fear to be loved?

fear to love (2)

Why put so many boundaries around, why build a cage around..

“To be safe” answers the mind.

To be safe…? Safe from what? Look closer and you ‘ll see, you end up being safe from Life..

Now that’s some real nonsense..

Don’t be protected from Life itself.. how will It reach out to you?

The nightingale can still sing in the cage, but it’s not in the cage it is meant to be..



Let it go


Let it go, so that it will let you, too, go..

Let it go, because it does not serve you anymore..

Let it go, and let something else, beautiful, come to you..

Let it go, because you don’t own anything or anyone and nothing belongs to you..

Let it go, because the more things you hold, the heavier you feel your feet to Earth..

Let it go, because it belongs to the past;                              

                    else the present will pass you by

Love, AA