It’s love that holds everything together..

Some nights I wonder if we ever look at the same stars at the same hour..

When I was little, I believed stars were shiny pins that held the sky on its position..

I was wrong.. but I was little..

and then I didn’t know Love..

It is not the stars that hold the sky up there.. and the stars are not shiny pins. The stars are not even up there;

but as I said, I was wrong,  I was little, and I didn’t know Love..

The stars are down here and hold the whole world together..

It is the people you love. It is the Love you feel for them that holds the world together.. not only your world, your life, the Universe you create by yourself.. but actually everything together..

that Love that gives you life, that makes your body alive, that makes the winds travel and the flowers dance with their song.

That Love that rhymes with breath, as life cannot be without breath..

and …

Don’t you know, the only distance suitable for us is that of a breath?





Love (n.)


it usually starts with  ‘once upon a time’ and sometimes ends badly. .

but at all times Love is Love and no time spent with Love is wasted one..

Sure, not every love story has a fairy tale end. And some of you might say, we don’t live in a fairy tale world, with dragons and princes, with beasts and witches, with bad wolves and swords. But I will agree to disagree, because ..think for a minute .. we really do; this IS  a world of disguised dragons and princes, disguised beasts and witches..(and not necessarily because the Carnival is already here). So all love stories can be fairy tale love stories…

it’s a rope, on which you hold on to; other times you are on the verge of hanging yourself; 

but at all times it feels like a struggle to have a good balance walking on it.. and chances are you might fall..

it’s your weakness, and other times or the same times, your strength;

but at all times, Love is what makes the difference, what makes you feel alive, what gives life to your life.. what makes your heart beat with joy and what makes your every day more colorful…

it is YOU in human shape;

sometimes you see it, other times I can only see it;

but at all times, Love is Love, and though Love is blind, Love is deaf-initely right..



Love is not..

Love is

not what they tell you.

No matter what you hear,

don’t believe it.

It’s only a word until you feel it.

Love is

not conditional.

It’s not ‘Give me that and I shall give you.”

yet, one can never give what he has not gotten.

And one cannot get, what he cannot give.

Love is

not convenient or easy.

Love takes life.

You fall.

In Love

What was ‘yourself’ falls and dies.

And one

either gives your hand

or passes you by..



If you knew..


Do you know you are like a flower?

If you knew, you wouldn’t miss a single flower on your way..

Do you know you are like the sun?

If you knew, you would always give your own sun every day..

Do you know where you are going?

If you knew, you would not spend a single moment in sadness or despair..

Do you know you are my mirror?

If you knew, you would never have to look in the mirror..


Do you know you hold a piece of my heart?